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The Power 
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Think Change specializes in helping mid- and large- sized companies respond to their growth challenges.  We do this by guiding decision makers through the steps of defining and setting up programs to implement change initiatives, and by helping to manage these programs through the lifecycle - from concept to operations. 


Our goal is to make sure your investments achieve desired outcomes.



We specialize in helping mid and large sized companies adapt to their growth challenges

Sales Operations

We are domain experts in Sales Operations and Sales Management.  We advise customers on ways to:

  • Manage and streamline the annual sales planning process

  • Optimize sales force structure, territories, quotas and sales compensation

  • Structure the sales operations function to scale

Program Management

We  help companies deliver enterprise level change initiatives:

  • Program definition and setup

  • Vendor evaluation and selection

  • Program management through the lifecycle, from concept to operations

Program Assurance

We assure appropriate governance by acting as independent advisor,  looking out for our client's best interests.  Assurance activities include:

  • Vendor / partner management

  • Solution and program safeguarding  / validation

  • Recovery plans for programs that have gone off the rails

About Think Change


Who We Serve

Our team brings decades of experience working in the trenches with clients to define and deliver complex, enterprise level change initiatives.

We help mid- and large- tier companies deal with the challenges that result from growth, with focus on approaches to scale and mature your sales operations function. 


Our clients are typically Sales, Sales Operations or IT leaders.  Our engagements involve working with stakeholders across the client organization, as well as third parties and partners.

Our Target Market

We have worked with some of the most recognized companies in the world, across many industries, to bring about successful change.   


Our target industries include:

  • Technology

  • Life Sciences

  • Industrial

  • Banking and Insurance

  • Distribution

  • Telecommunications

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Federal and Defense


Deep Experience Delivering Enterprise Technology Solutions

As Founder and CEO, Ken Bjorkelo is an experienced Consultant and Technology professional whose background includes:

  • 10 years delivering Technology Solutions for a global system integrator,

  • 20 years delivering Sales Performance Management solutions, and

  • 3 years managing enterprise programs for a global ERP software company

During this time, he has developed a network of colleagues and business partners who work together to successfully deliver the most complex technology deployment initiatives.​

Ken brings with him a BSEE from the University of Washington, an MBA from Cornell University, a Certificate in Contract Management from Sacramento State University, and is a decorated veteran of the US Navy's Nuclear Power Program.

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